Killer whales’ diet, rather than location, greatly impacted contaminant levels

The findings of their study underscore the need for action to protect North Atlantic killer whales.

Bright light in big cities is linked to smaller eyes in birds

The findings have implications for conservation efforts amid the rapid decline of bird populations.

We could be breathing in toxic substances from cooking and cleaning for longer

Surfactants can cause toxic chemicals in aerosols to last longer in the air.

Blowing snow’s impact on Arctic climate change

Arctic warming caused by sea salt aerosols from blowing snow.

The Biden program might keep the racial difference in air quality

Effects on disparities should be measured through air quality policies.

Concerns raised over the impact of chemicals on marine life

Researchers warn of deleterious chemicals in harbors.

Air Pollution causes Negative Changes in a Baby’s gut

Exposure to air pollution in infancy affects a child’s developing gut.

Atmospheric pollution could be the sign of advanced extraterrestrial civilization

This study is the first time pollution has been examined as a possible technosignature.

Scientists identified mechanisms that generate more frequent thunderstorms

Scientists identified a mechanism by which small particles in the atmosphere can generate more frequent thunderstorms.

Fish exposed to noise pollution likely to die early

Being underwater is no escape.

More attractive and high performance membranes for carbon Capture

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas, responsible for global warming. CO2 released from burning fossil fuels in the atmosphere is the primary source of...

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