Friday, December 2, 2022


Air Pollution causes Negative Changes in a Baby’s gut

Exposure to air pollution in infancy affects a child’s developing gut.

Atmospheric pollution could be the sign of advanced extraterrestrial civilization

This study is the first time pollution has been examined as a possible technosignature.

Scientists identified mechanisms that generate more frequent thunderstorms

Scientists identified a mechanism by which small particles in the atmosphere can generate more frequent thunderstorms.

Scientists found evidence of microplastic pollution on Mount Everest

The study is a real eye-opener.

Fish exposed to noise pollution likely to die early

Being underwater is no escape.

More attractive and high performance membranes for carbon Capture

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas, responsible for global warming. CO2 released from burning fossil fuels in the atmosphere is the primary source of...

Yamuna highly polluted in many stretches beyond Delhi too

The stretch of Yamuna river that extends from Delhi to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh is highly polluted, according to a new study that monitored...

How your clothes influence the air you breathe

The wearing of clothing is mostly restricted to human beings and is a feature of all human societies. Physically, clothing serves many purposes: it...

Particulate Matter from cigarettes, mosquito coils make indoor pollution toxic: study

Indoor pollution is a major cause of worry in homes and closed environments. Now a new study has warned that burning of mosquito coils...

Use your phone camera for real-time pollution check

When the air quality in Delhi and other cities in the north is deteriorating with pollution level touching ‘hazardous’ mark, a new mobile app...

Marine top predators are exposed to microplastics via their prey, study found

Microplastics are an across the board contamination of the marine condition that can be incidentally consumed by zooplankton, fish and significantly bigger channel feeders,...

This Simple Trick can Reduce your In-Car Pollution

An increase of air pollutants linked to medical maladies, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, and even lung cancer. To find an effective solution over...

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