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A next-generation plastic that can be recycled again and again

Plastic pollution has increased in the past few decades. No doubt, plastic has a number of valuable uses- we have become addicted to single-use...

The study is likely to replace earth-friendly plastic

A simple walk on any beach, anywhere, and the plastic waste spectacle is present. All over the world, the statistics are ever growing, staggeringly....
3D scanning technology can tell how clean Indian cities are

3D scanning technology can tell how clean Indian cities are

At any given point, the national capital has about 5.57 lakh tons of municipal solid waste illegally dumped on the roadside or in open...
Microplastics can pass up the food chain to top predators

Marine top predators are exposed to microplastics via their prey, study found

Microplastics are an across the board contamination of the marine condition that can be incidentally consumed by zooplankton, fish and significantly bigger channel feeders,...

Man Creates Plastic Bags From Potato and Tapioca

Plastics is one another source of non-renewable resources. It is a most common rubbish item which causes various bad impacts on the environment. Plastic...