Up to 11 million tonnes of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor

Ocean floor a 'reservoir' for plastic pollution, world-first study finds.

Every human placenta has Microplastics

Quantitation and identification of microplastic accumulation in human placental specimens.

Bottled water found to contain uncounted tiny plastic fragments

A new microscopic technique zeroes in on the poorly explored world of nanoplastics.

Making green hydrogen from plastic waste

Graphene by-product offsets ‘flash’ hydrogen production costs, Rice study finds.

Behavioral shifts triggered by microplastics across body systems

Microplastics cause behavior and inflammation changes in mice.

Paper drinking straws may be Harmful and may not be better for the environment

Long-lasting forever chemicals, which can cause damaging health issues, found in 18/20 brands of paper straws.

Researchers found microplastics in many heart tissues

Both before and after surgical procedures.

Chemicals in plastics: A risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

NIEHS grant fuels research into chemical exposure's role in atherosclerosis development.

Theoretical evidence for a liquid-to-solid phase transition

Improved understanding of glassy dynamics could help scientists explain why a liquid behaves like a solid.

A simple inkjet printer can fabricate stretchable LED

A pen stroke can turn perovskite into a light emitter and detector.

Scientists recycled polyester using a single household ingredient

Hartshorn salt and baking are environmentally friendly.

Microwaving baby food releases plastic particles

Microplastics: The new foodborne hazard.

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