Monday, February 6, 2023


Recycling previously unrecyclable plastic

A way to recycle PVC that does not require heat.

Plastics can increase the risk of human cardiovascular disease

The study finds a receptor greatly contributes to the harmful effects of plastic-associated chemicals.

Compostable plastic can be turned into an insulating foam

The process is like opening a can of soda and releasing the carbonation.

Microbes in cow stomachs can help break down plastic

An eco-friendly way to reduce litter.

New way to make compostable plastics break down more easily

Solving a problem that has flummoxed the plastics industry and environmentalists.

Microplastics are more ubiquitous than science had known

Scientists find microplastics everywhere.

New technology to transform plant materials into a wide range of products

Bloom Biorenewables develops biomass-based plastics.

New recycling process could cut down millions of tons of plastic waste

A method for reclaiming the polymers using solvents.

A new kind of plastic that maintains its original qualities when recycled

High-performance circular polymers with both intrinsic chemical recyclability and crystallinity.

Engineers make plastic conductive while also making it more transparent

Engineers change the game by making a conductive coating that’s also anti-reflective.

A new polymer that can degrade by ultraviolet radiation

Scientists at Cornell University have come up with a new polymer that can degrade by ultraviolet radiation. This faster-degrading plastic can degrade on a...

LEGO bricks could survive in the ocean for up to 1,300 years

The residence times of plastics in the oceans are obscure, mainly as a result of the durability of the material and the moderately short...

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