Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Physical activity

Sports improve concentration and quality of life

A study with primary school pupils confirms the positive impact of physical fitness.

Study found the secret to staying young

The study highlights the power of lifelong exercise to keep muscles healthy.

Women from under-privileged cultural backgrounds are less likely to practice sports

Childhood health and cultural inequalities: women pay the price.

Regular exercise eliminates death risk regardless of exposure to air pollution

Habitual exercise should be promoted as a health improvement strategy.

People with low fitness are nearly twice as likely to experience depression

There is a 60% greater chance of anxiety.

Students used their smartphone over 8h/day on average during lockdown

Those reporting poorer sleep quality also used these devices more.

Study explores the benefits of sport in memory and motor learning

If sport is good for the body, it also seems to be good for the brain.

Weight loss is easy when partners join in the effort

Spouses shed more pounds together than alone.

Desk-based jobs may offer a lower risk of subsequent poor cognition

People who work in jobs that require less physical activity – typically office and desk-based jobs – are at a lower risk of subsequent poor cognition than those whose work is more physically active.

Exercise in middle and older age significantly reduce future hospital usage

A new study analyzed the relationship between regular reported exercise and subsequent admissions to the hospital. The results suggest that men and women aged...

Motorized ankle exoskeleton boosts runner’s speed by 10%

Exoskeletons - robotic wearable technologies that increase our physical capabilities - are slowly leaving the world of comics to become a reality. A number...

Children become less active each year of primary school

The Study revealed a dramatic drop in children’s physical activity levels by the time they finish primary school.

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