How do birds flock? Uncovering aerodynamic mysteries through mathematics

Findings have potential applications for transportation and energy.

Scientists took snapshots of the crystal structure of perovskite nanocrystals

Picosecond-​resolution snapshots of the crystal lattice of perovskite nanocrystals.

A superatomic material sets a speed record

The fastest and most efficient semiconductor yet.

Storing quantum information as sound waves

A new method for efficiently translating electrical quantum states into sound.

Physicists detected hybrid particle in an unusual 2D magnetic material

The discovery could offer a route to smaller, faster electronic devices.

Photon-photon polaritons: Binding two photons of different colours together

Scientists exploring the interactions between light particles, photons, and matter find that optical microresonators host quasiparticles made by two photons.

Study explains how sound waves travel through disordered materials

This work may lead to new heat- and shatter-resistant glass for smartphones and tablets.

A state of vibration that exists simultaneously at two different times

When light and atoms share a common vibe.

Heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum

Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness

Counting sound particles with quantum microphone

Now it is possible to measure individual particles of sound, called phonons- thanks to Stanford Scientists who developed quantum microphone. The quantum microphone is...

Scientists discovered the source of strange negative gravity

The objects' motion we see in our everyday lives are governed by Newton's Laws of Motion and gravity. But according to scientists at the...

A novel way to find better battery materials

Another way to deal with dissecting and outlining new particle conductors — a key segment of rechargeable batteries — could quicken the advancement of...

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