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a, The lighter elements are now at the bottom and the filling of the electron shells occurs upwards. Just like the traditional representation, many properties (for example, atomic number) increase across the table as one proceeds from left to right, but in the inverted version, the same properties now increase as one moves from the bottom to the top, which is the way that most graphs are plotted. Also like the conventional table, the lanthanides and actinides still sit uncomfortably in an isolated block. b, In principle, this could be overcome by inverting the ‘long form’ of the table but, like the conventional long form, it is probably too elongated to be very useful to most chemists.

Should the Periodic Table be upside down?

Could turning the periodic table on its head make some important aspects easier to understand and enthuse more people to study chemistry? This question is...
Universe's stuff keeps changing

Universe’s stuff keeps changing

The piece of the universe—the components that are the building blocks for all of matter—is consistently changing and regularly evolving, on account of the...
Creating attraction between molecules deep in the periodic table

Creating attraction between molecules deep in the periodic table

Researchers at the McGill University have shown that it is possible to develop strong, stable attractions between some of the heavier elements in the...
World’s oldest periodic table chart found in St Andrews

World’s oldest periodic table chart found in St Andrews

Scientists have discovered the world's oldest periodic table that involves elements, dating from 1885. The chart of elements was discovered in the University’s School of Chemistry...
The Table of Disruptive Technologies. Imperial College London

Academics created a periodic table of mind-blowing tech

Scientists at the Imperial Tech Foresight (ITF), an offshoot of Imperial College London, have created the periodic table of distributive tech to bring to life...
Periodic table

Is there an end to the periodic table? MSU professor explores its limits

In a recent study, on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the formulation of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements looms, a Michigan State University professor...