Friday, June 9, 2023

Pennsylvania State University

An isolated black hole is roaming our Milky Way galaxy

Strong evidence for a lone black hole drifting through interstellar space.

The brain’s secret to lifelong learning can now come as hardware for AI

When the human brain learns something new, it adapts. But when artificial intelligence learns something new, it tends to forget information it already learned. As...

White blood cells may cause brain cancer tissues to die

But that's not good news!

Physicists calculated the upper limit for the possible quantization of time

According to the general theory of relativity, time is a continuous quantity, one that can move slower or faster, depending on acceleration and gravity...

Bosons can act as fermions with their velocities

Bosons and fermions are two classes in which all particles can be sorted, behave very differently under most circumstances. In any case, in one dimension,...

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