Saturday, June 3, 2023

Penn State

New transparent electrode boosts solar cell efficiency

The research represents a step toward developing completely transparent solar cells.

Deaths in the family can affect the educational attainment of children

Deaths in the family can shape kids' educational attainment in unexpected ways.

Deep learning can guide doctors decide better lung cancer treatments

An approach to estimate survivability that is commonly and practically appropriate for medical use.

New method to identify previously overlooked instability at some volcanoes

The results provide finer detail of volcanic flank motion.

Scientists realized quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect in a multilayered insulator

Quantum insulators create multilane highways for electrons.

Printing sensors directly on human skin

An international team of researchers developed a novel technique to produce precise, high-performing biometric sensors.

Aspirin after calving can provide relief to dairy cows

It also increase milk production.

A young sub-Neptune-sized planet offers clues on planet formation and evolution

The planet is dense for its size and age.

A tiny step forward toward achieving room-temperature superconductivity

Room temperature superconductivity creeping toward possibility.

Photos may improve understanding of volcanic processes

Quantifying small-scale intra-crater change associated with background and eruptive activity.

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