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A tunable graphene-based platform to study rare physics

Finely controlled approach enables ‘exceptional’ devices; has implications for future optoelectronics.

Solving materials design issues

A novel theory of entropy.

Previously unexpected properties discovered in a complex quantum material

These findings have implications for developing future quantum devices and applications.

Ancient rocks on the coast of Oman may reveal new insights into subduction

Mineral dating reveals new clues about the important tectonic processes.

Lifesaving Device Providing Breath of Hope

Ramiah Martin isn't like other little girls, and that's perfectly fine with her mother. "She is nothing short of a miracle," Leanne Martin said of...

Monitoring glucose levels without using needles

First-of-its-kind wearable, noninvasive glucose monitoring device prototype.

Identifying genetic influence of some sex-biased diseases using a new genetic tool

Sex-biased diseases can be attributable to genes that escape X chromosome inactivation (XCI).

New sensor detect rare earth element terbium

Low concentrations could be identified from acid mine drainage and other waste sources.

Closeness with fathers has a positive impact across kid’s adolescence

Father-child relations may play a special role in how kids weather adolescence.

New imaging technique to identify and treat the blood clots

Engineers find imaging techniques could become treatments for deep vein thrombosis.

Flavored e-cigarettes may affect the brain differently than non-flavored

Flavoring can change how the brain responds to e-cigarette aerosols that contain nicotine.

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