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Scientists catch heartbeat ‘molecular switch’ in action A single heart muscle cell (at x2000 magnification) : the red calcium indicator lines up precisely between the green stripes, which mark where the muscles’ contractive machinery is anchored. In every heartbeat, the distance between the green bands (which are just 2 micrometres apart, or about 1/40 the thickness of a human hair) reduces by just 10%, so all heart muscle cells need to contract together to pump blood – normal calcium activity is essential for this synchronization (Image credit: Paul Robinson).

Visualising the flow of calcium that makes the heart beat

Scientists at Oxford University have devised a new method that uses protein originally found in marine corals to uncover the effects of genetic errors...
Optica research team

New optical memory cell achieves record data-storage density

In a new study, scientists have created a device that could enable computers that use optics and electrical signals to interact with data. This technique...
Artist’s impression of Elasmotherium. © W. S. Van der Merwe

Extinct Siberian unicorn may have lived alongside humans

Elasmotherium, also known as the Giant Rhinoceros or the Giant Siberian Unicorn, is an extinct species of rhino that lived in the Eurasian area...
Screen-time has little impact on children’s sleep, according to new Oxford University research

Screen-time does not disrupt children’s sleep, study

Sleep is an essential part of our development and well-being. It is important for learning and memory, emotions and behaviors, and our health more...
Parenting interventions for helping children with behaviour problems are just as effective in school age, as in younger children, according to new Oxford University research. Image credit: Shutterstock

Getting help with parenting makes a difference

According to new Oxford University research, it’s time to stop focusing on when we intervene with parenting, and just get on with helping children...
Planarian: all cells in white, stem cells in cyan

New understanding of worm stem cells can reduce our own ability

A new study by the Oxford University suggests that a special combination of epigenetic alterations vital to stem cell development advanced in creatures substantially sooner...
Kicking the car(bon) habit better for air pollution than technology revolution Image credit: Shutterstock

Kicking the car(bon) habit better for air pollution than electric cars

A new study by the Oxford University, changing our lifestyles and the way we travel could have as big. The radical way of life...
Venus Fly Trap

Plant relationships breakdown when they meet new ‘fungi’

Almost all plants form below-ground interaction with beneficial soil microbes. This is the most important partnership between plant roots and a type of soil fungi...
The universe

The other side of the Big Bang

Big Bang is considered as the beginning of our universe. According to the latest study by the Oxford University Earth’s universe actually existed before...