Epilepsy drug helps slow down joint damage in osteoarthritis

Few sodium channels on cells impact joint damage.

BU researchers novel osteoarthritis treatment testing idea

Innovative testing approach for osteoarthritis: FastOA.

Nano and micro join forces to treat osteoarthritis

There is at present no treatment for restoring osteoarthritis, which influences 80% of the populace more than 75 years old. The main plausibility is...

New 3D imaging analysis technique could lead to improved arthritis treatment

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new algorithm to monitor the joints of patients with arthritis. It detects tiny changes in arthritic joints,...

Obesity in childhood and adulthood shown to increase risk of knee and hip osteoarthritis

Obesity and OA are two interconnected health issues influencing a substantial extent of the adult populace around the world, anyway contemplating causality in this...

New study demonstrates how bone size, shape and structure contributes towards arthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases

Musculoskeletal disorders are the main source of handicap in the UK's rising maturing populace, basically because of low back torment, breaks, and maladies, for...

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