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This hair-sized probe can measure key indicators of tissue damage deep in the lung./ Image: University of Edinburgh.

A tiny, hair-sized probe measures tissue damage deep in the lung

Lung diseases, a common health problem, ranging from mild to severe, is also one of the leading causes of death and disability in the...
Pictured here (from left) are Senior Research Fellow James Grieve of the Centre for Quantum Technologies at NUS and Dr. Amelia Tan, Senior R&D Researcher of Trustwave, Singtel’s cyber security subsidiary. (Credit: National University of Singapore)

Photons trained for Singapore optical fibre obstacle course will deliver stronger cyber security

Beneath many cities are complex networks of optical fibres that carry data, encoded in pulses of light, to offices and homes. Researchers from the...
Optical fibers that can “feel” the materials around them

Optical fibers that can “feel” the materials around them

Until now, the optical fiber had different applications. Now, EPFL scientists have come up with a new method that enables optical fibers to identify whether...