Ocean Floor

A new video shows a ‘ghostly’ dumbo octopus getting into the mood

“Ghostly” Dumbo Octopus in the deep sea.

An extinct apex predator was likely much weaker than once assumed

Apex predator of the Cambrian likely sought soft over crunchy prey.

The tidal pull of the Moon caused the slow and steady lengthening of Earth’s day

Astrophysicists reveal why Earth’s day was a constant 19.5 hours for over a billion years.

Study unveils why Southern hemisphere is stormier than the Northern

A first concrete explanation for difference, and show it is getting even stormier over time.

New basalt type discovered beneath the Pacific ocean

The discovery suggests that ocean floor eruptions sourced in the Earth’s mantle were even hotter and more voluminous than previously thought.

Electric rays and stingrays can be used to map the seabed

Mapping the seabed.

Earth recycles ocean floor into salty diamonds

The most wonderful quality about diamonds is that they are one of the only types of physical matter on this earth that do not...

Using robots and AI to understand deep sea

Benthic ecosystems are chronically undersampled, particularly in environments >50 m depth. Yet a rising level of anthropogenic threats makes data collection ever more urgent....

Study reproduces origins of life on ocean floor

Since years, scientists believe that life originated in the oceans, as the primary divisions and the events of evolution took place there. Now, NASA...

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