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Propagation of neutrinos through Earth. There are three known types of neutrino: electron, muon and tau. a, A muon neutrino produced in Earth’s atmosphere can be thought of as the combination of two quantum-mechanical waves (red and blue) that are in phase — the peaks of the waves are observed at the same time. If a principle known as Lorentz invariance were violated, these waves could travel at different speeds through Earth’s interior and be detected in the out-of-phase tau-neutrino state. b, The IceCube Collaboration1 reports no evidence of such conversion, constraining the extent to which Lorentz invariance could be violated.

Special theory of relativity validated by neutrinos

Lorentz symmetry is a fundamental spacetime symmetry underlying both the standard model of particle physics and general relativity. This symmetry guarantees that physical phenomena...
This is How the Earth Stops High-Energy Particles

This is How the Earth Stops High-Energy Particles

In 2015, scientists detected Neutrinos, high-energy particles (subatomic) that are formed from violent collisions like black holes. They help scientists to examine the universe...