Northwestern University

New algorithm to enhance 3D effects in phone videos

It enables the same video from not just one point of view but from any of the 7×7 grid of viewpoints.

Astronomers detected an afterglow from a kilonova

Strange ‘sonic boom’ accompanied the unprecedented event.

Milky Way’s turbulent center has nearly 1,000 mysterious strands

‘A watershed in furthering our understanding of these structures,’ scientists say.

A new approach to identify proteins in the living brain

Tool could help researchers better understand brain diseases and potential treatments.

The most realistic, highest-resolution 3D simulation of star formation to date

A stunning simulation of stars being born is the most realistic ever.

Study unlocked more clues as to how and why stars die

Three flavors are better than one — in ice cream and supernova research.

A new way to create a spectrum of natural-looking hair colors

A solution for the hair color enthusiasts searching for natural alternatives to dyes and cosmetics.

New biomaterial could shield from harmful radiation

Northwestern University scientists have developed a new biomaterial called selenomelanin, melanin enriched with selenium, that shows extraordinary promise as a shield for human tissue against harmful radiation.

A new review of neurological symptoms of COVID-19

In less than six months, the Coronavirus has spread worldwide, infecting nearly 8 million people and killing over 433,000. Initially thought to be restricted to...

Why is it so hard to wake up on cold mornings?

Dark, cold mornings can make getting out of bed a harder task than it already is. Staying snuggled under a warm duvet is a...

Newly developed hair dye is much milder than traditional hair dyes

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a new hair dye that uses synthetic melanin to imitate natural human hair pigmentation. Experimenting with melanin for several...

Eyes send an unexpected signal to the brain

Eyes communicate with the brain by following one type of signaling pathway. But, according to a new study, some retinal neurons take a road...

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