Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Neutron star

How long can a neutron “live” outside an atomic nucleus?

Physicists confront the neutron lifetime puzzle.

Constraining the properties of neutron star matter

Combining heavy-ion experiments, astrophysical observations, and nuclear theory.

Scientists discovered a strange neutron star that rotates extremely slowly

It is a unique discovery as it resides in the neutron star graveyard.

Scientists offered an alternative explanation for the strange galactic signal

Spinning stars shed new light on a mysterious gamma-ray signal.

NASA’s NICER sees extremely hot spots on the surface of a magnetar

NASA's NICER tracks a magnetar's hot spots.

Is dark energy just an illusion?

Dark energy: neutron stars will tell us if it’s only an illusion.

Astronomers found blasts of powerful warm winds from a neutron star

The discovery provides new insight into the behaviors of some of the most extreme objects in the universe.

Astronomers spotted never before seen object releasing enormous energy

The mysterious object is unlike anything astronomers, has seen before.

Cosmic Spider, a mysterious source of gamma rays, has been found

Using the 4.1-meter SOAR Telescope in Chile, astronomers have discovered the first example of a binary system where a star in the process of...

High-frequency oscillations captured in a gigantic eruption of a neutron star

In just a 10th of a second, the magnetar released energy equivalent to that produced by the sun in 100,000 years.

A super-bright stellar explosion gave birth to a compact object

The discovery may offer astronomers a new way to spot infant compact objects.

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