Scientists revealed for the first time the origin of neutrinos

The main goal is to shed light on the origin of astrophysical neutrinos.

New scientific results confirm anomaly and may point to new elementary particle

Sterile neutrino, physics fundamentals among interpretations of anomalous results.

New measurements show how neutrinos change their flavor

Breakthrough MicroBooNE measurement elucidates neutrino interactions.

World record: Experiment limits neutrino mass with unprecedented precision

A precision that has not been achieved anywhere in the world before.

Record-breaking simulation of large-scale structure formation in the Universe

It accurately reproduces the complex dynamics of cosmic neutrinos.

Record-breaking simulations of large-scale structure formation in the universe

Computer simulations that capture the complex dynamics of elusive neutrinos left over from the Big Bang.

Signs of neutrinos detected for the first time at LHC

Scientific first at CERN facility a preview of upcoming 3-year research campaign.

Global science experiment cast doubt on the existence of the sterile neutrino

No hint of theoretical particle sterile neutrino in new results.

Mellow supermassive black holes act as major factories of high-energy cosmic particles

The new model shows that not only active black holes but also non-active, "mellow" ones are important.

Scientists have uncovered a gigantic cosmic particle accelerator

The study offers evidence that neutrinos can be powerful natural particle accelerators.

All high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars, claimed scientists

Some neutrinos are born in the earth's atmosphere and even in the Ice Cube detector during the interaction of cosmic rays with matter.

Study unlocked more clues as to how and why stars die

Three flavors are better than one — in ice cream and supernova research.

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