Saturday, July 2, 2022


The first-ever detection of neutrinos produced in the Sun

BOREXINO achieves the first experimental test of how massive stars shine.

Scientists constructed a nuclear physics model of neutrino-nuclei interactions

Understanding ghost particle interactions.

Revealing the secrets of high-energy cosmic particles

P-ONE: Initiative for a new, large-scale Neutrino Observatory in the Pacific Ocean.

Supermassive black holes could be the sources of neutrinos seen on Earth

Mysteries about the origin of high-energy cosmic neutrinos have deepened by the recent IceCube measurement of a large diffuse flux in the 10–100 TeV...

The origin of high-energy neutrinos detected

Neutrinos are strange particles so tiny that scientists don't have the foggiest idea about their mass. They pass easily through objects, people, and even...

Neutrinos explain how the universe exists

A new study offers evidence that neutrinos are responsible for the universe is dominated by matter. Why matter persists over antimatter? This is a question that...

How the matter was created in the universe?

Standard double-beta decay is a proven particle process. Two neutrons, which are uncharged particles in the nucleus of an atom, transform into two protons...

The mystery of neutrino mass could soon be solved

Neutrinos are a billion times more abundant in the universe than atoms.

Maximum mass of lightest neutrino revealed

Understanding how neutrino mass can be estimated is important for future cosmological studies such as DESI and Euclid.

World’s largest neutrino detector brings scientists closer to understanding the universe

A group of international scientists is a step closer to address the most fundamental question of the universe: Why we are here? The experiment 'Deep...

New research on high-energy nutrinos again proves Einstein right

Once again, scientists have shown that Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity is right — this time, thanks to a particle detector buried deep...

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