Neural networks

How the brain senses body position and movement?

The sense is known as proprioception.

AI system can produce 3D maps of coral reefs

It marks a major leap forward in deep-sea exploration.

Analog computing can solve complex equations and use far less energy

A memristor device can solve complex scientific problems using significantly less energy.

AI offers a detailed look at jets of plasma used to treat cancer

The software uses an approach known as a physics-informed neural network (PINN).

Researchers successfully 3D-printed functional human brain tissue

It’s an achievement with important implications.

New method can efficiently solve partial differential equations

Simplifying the solving of massive numbers of partial differential equations.

Using deep learning to generate 3D holograms from 2D images

Simplifying 3D hologram generation.

Living brain cell networks bioprinted in the lab

Scientists mimicked the arrangement of grey matter and white matter seen in the brain.

A method for creating neural networks that are optimally suited for specific tasks

Machine-learning models can be used to improve fraud detection & spam filtering.

A new AI to map planets

A simple approach to mapping planets in outer space.

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