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MIT researchers have developed a module that helps artificial-intelligence systems fill in the gaps between video frames to improve activity recognition. Image courtesy of the researchers, edited by MIT News

Helping computers fill in the gaps between video frames

MIT scientists have come up with a new module that helps artificial intelligence systems called convolutional neural networks, or CNN's, to fill in the gaps...
NIST’s grid-on-a-chip distributes light signals precisely, showcasing a potential new design for neural networks. The three-dimensional structure enables complex routing schemes, which are necessary to mimic the brain. Light could travel farther and faster than electrical signals. Credit: Chiles/NIST

New chip enlightens optical neural network demo

Using AI, many researchers are trying to emulate the brain by creating circuits of artificial neural networks. But the problem lies in conventional electronics, for...
MIT researchers have developed a special-purpose chip that increases the speed of neural-network computations by three to seven times over its predecessors, while reducing power consumption 93 to 96 percent. That could make it practical to run neural networks locally on smartphones or even to embed them in household appliances

New chip to reduce neural networks’ power consumption

Advances in artificial-intelligence systems have come courtesy of neural networks as they are closely interconnected meshes of data processors. Neural networks are large and, their...
Artificial synapse for “brain-on-a-chip” hardware

Artificial synapse for “brain-on-a-chip” hardware

With regards to preparing power, the human mind can't be beaten. Stuffed inside the squishy, football-sized organ is something close to 100 billion neurons. At...
How Neural Networks Think

How Neural Networks Think

Artificial Intelligence is a new scientific infrastructure for research and learning. The potential of AI is boundless. In addition, machine learning algorithms called neural...
Eye-tracking system uses ordinary cell phone camera

Eye-tracking System uses Ordinary Cell Phone Camera

From last 4 decades, eye-tracking system is used to measure long point and the motion of an eye relative to the head. The eye-tracking...
Eyeriss: MIT's New 168 Core Chip Could Bring AI to Smartphones

Eyeriss: MIT’s New 168 Core Chip Could Bring AI to Smartphones

At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco, scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) introduced their new 168 core chip. This...