All-light communication network works in space, air, and sea

New network design harnesses a variety of light sources to overcome environmental barriers.

Modernizing the Internet’s architecture through software-defined networks

Researchers mold model for more nimble networks.

A non-toxic and sustainable cleaning agent for painting

New cleaning agent for artworks investigated with neutrons at the FRM II.

Multicyclic molecular wheels have polymer potential

Molecular wheels can hold together long molecular chains.

Butterfly species with large brains have a survival benefit

Heliconius butterflies developed larger brains.

Pregnancy is beneficial for women with multiple sclerosis

Benefits of pregnancy can lead to new treatments for multiple sclerosis.

Revolutionary soft e-skin transmits brain-compatible signals

A material with nerve-like electronics can sense pressure, temperature, and strain.

Cryo-imaging reveals the layers of fuel cell catalysts

Nanostructure of platinum catalyst layers to optimize fuel cell efficiency.

Cell mapping and mini placentas reveal new details about human pregnancy

Researchers have mapped placental development to understand pregnancy disorders occur.

Location detection when GPS doesn’t work

A theoretical study shows how to make wireless localization much more accurate.

Innovative technology: Sharing Data Via Sound

People generally rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optical fibers data transmission methods. Although, all become important suspects. So, developers have begun to explore innovative...

Programmable Networks Routers

Whenever network traffic in all data networks is heavy, data packets get baked up at network routers or dropped altogether. All data networks consist...

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