National University of Singapore

Generating light through use of pre-existing defects in semiconductor materials

The new method provides an alternative approach to develop InGaN red light emitters, which traditionally suffer from poor efficiency

Researchers bring attack-proof quantum communication two steps forward

Future-proof quantum communication protocol

World’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success

The ExoSCOPE test accurately classifies disease status and determines treatment outcome within 24 hours after the start of treatment.

A new type of intelligent material

Known as “two-dimensional electrolytes”, these smart materials could potentially be used in many things from drug delivery to energy storage.

Researchers concoct probiotic coffee and tea drinks

New fermented coffee and tea contain live probiotics which could improve gut health; these non-dairy and plant-based beverages are suitable for a broader spectrum of consumers

A portable tent-like shield for safe dental care during the pandemic

A foldable tent for safe dental care during the pandemic.

AI platform developed by NUS researchers finds best combination of available therapies against COVID-19

Combination was uncovered from examining 12 potential drug candidates with over 530,0000 possible drug combinations within two weeks

NUS-led team uncovers molecule that promotes muscle health when magnetised

When the protein TRPC1 is exposed to weak magnetic fields, it stimulates muscle cells to respond as if the body has exercised

Darwin’s handwritten pages from On the Origin of Species go online for the first time

Never-before-seen reading notes are to be added to Darwin Online.

Researchers target ‘undercover’ gene that helps cancer cells proliferate

New concept for cancer treatment

Researchers invent flexible and highly reliable sensor for wearable health devices and robotic perception

This novel e-skin, called TRACE, performs five times better than conventional soft materials.

Researchers develop smart suit wirelessly powered by smartphone

Multiple sensors can be embedded into the suit for monitoring temperature, heart rate, posture and movement at the same time.

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