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The Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC), located on the robotic arm of NASA's InSight lander, took this picture of the Martian surface on Nov. 26, 2018, the same day the spacecraft touched down on the Red Planet. The camera's transparent dust cover is still on in this image, to prevent particulates kicked up during landing from settling on the camera's lens. This image was relayed from InSight to Earth via NASA's Odyssey spacecraft, currently orbiting Mars. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

InSight is catching rays on Mars

After a successful landing on Martian surface, NASA's InSight has sent signals to Earth indicating that its solar panels are open and collecting sunlight on...
NASA's InSight Mars lander will carry a unique instrument capable of measuring heat flowing out of the planet. That could shed light on how Mars' massive mountains -- which eclipse Mt. Everest here on Earth -- first formed

NASA’s InSight has a thermometer for Mars

Scientists are advising climbers to forget about Mars and dream about Mars. A new investigation suggested that Mars has the tallest mountains in the solar system....