Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Nagoya University

Mystery solved: Where the Milky Way’s cosmic rays come from?

Unveiling a century-old mystery.

Auroras exist beyond 30,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface

The aurora's very high altitude booster.

How stress and the circadian clock affect sleep?

The findings could lead to the development of new therapies for sleep disorders caused by stress or a disturbed circadian rhythm.

First physics-based method for predicting large solar flares

A new direction for flare prediction research.

A highly unusual electron sharing detected in a cool crystal

A highly unusual atomic configuration in a tungsten-based material.

A one-step fabrication process to improve water quality

Different nanocarbons are being studied and utilized for purifying water and wastewater by adsorbing dyes, gases, organic compounds, and toxic metal ions. These nanocarbons...

Scientists found a killer electron hot spot in Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts

JAXA and NASA satellite observations show where killer electrons are generated in the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth.

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