Tuesday, June 6, 2023


Joyful music could be a game-changer for virtual reality headaches

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea, and headaches virtual reality users might experience.

Music can help prevent cognitive decline

The positive impacts of musical activities to counteract brain aging.

Prenatal music exposure enhances the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds

Listening to music during pregnancy benefits the baby’s brain’s ability to encode speech sounds.

Analysis of more than 200,000 Spotify tracks reveals commonalities and diversity in sleep music

Study has identified several characteristics typical of music associated with sleep

Playing the piano boosts brain processing power

A randomised control trial shows the positive effects learning to play music has on cognitive abilities.

Is music a truly universal language?

What do you see when you listen to music?

Scientists translated the structure of a spider web into music

Making music from spider webs.

Analyzing music outside the traditional canon

Bringing computational music analysis beyond the traditional canon.

Music triggers individual effects on the heart

People respond and perceive music differently. It can also vary significantly concerning the rhythm. Similarly, music has different impacts on the individual brain, suggest...

High-tech graphene-based earphones for high-fidelity audio lovers

To create an acoustic product platform of 100% graphene micro transducers, proprietary electronics, and contextually aware voice operation software, a California-based company called GraphAudio...

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