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Kuenenia stuttgartiensis, here seen under a transmission electron microscope, is a model anammox microorganism, which grows as single cells. It is a freshwater species also found in wastewater treatment plants. CREDIT Laura van Niftrik

Microbes can grow on nitric oxide

Important for all living things as well as our environment, the molecule is highly reactive and toxic, it is used as a signaling molecule,...
New MIT research describes how marine microorganisms contribute to a layer of nitrite just below the ocean's sunlit zone.

Understanding microbial competition for nitrogen

Nitrogen is a hot item in the surface sea. Essential makers including phytoplankton and different microorganisms devour and change it into natural particles to...
New Technology Could Offer Cheaper, Faster Food testing

New Technology Could Offer Cheaper, Faster Food testing

Foodborne bacteria can cause all sorts of problems. “Food poisoning” can foster mild to severe stomach discomfort, major gastrointestinal distress. So, food testing is...