A new and efficient way to recycle metals from batteries

Reversing order and avoiding the loss.

A powerful physics phenomenon demonstrated

Study hints at new way to improve on spintronics for future tech.

X-rays reveal microstructural fingerprints of 3D-printed alloy

A novel approach to explore the way microstructure emerges in a 3D-printed metal alloy.

A new fabrication technique for 3D printing objects a thousand times smaller

Scientists reinvented the technique to allow for printing objects a thousand times smaller: 150 nanometers.

How to prevent biofilms in space?

Space Station tests show that a surface treatment can help.

Individuals who consume marijuana have high levels of metals in their blood and urine

The results indicate marijuana is a source of cadmium and lead exposure.

Stormwater Biofiltration increases coho salmon hatchling survival

Bioretention filtration prevents acute mortality and reduces chronic toxicity for early-life stage coho salmon.

Study examines links between drinking water quality and increased lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis

The study sheds light on how water-quality elements may increase the risk of bacteria-related pulmonary infections.

Guidelines for extracting valuable materials from water

Extracting water resources enhances national security and the environment.

Oxygen holes: The new frontier in EV battery technology

Scientists crack the code on nickel-rich batteries.

Surprising: Metals can heal themselves

Microscopic cracks vanish in experiments, revealing possibility of self-healing machines.

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