A new hormone replacement therapy appears promising in patient trials

It more closely replicates the natural circadian and ultradian rhythms of our hormones.

The connection between seasons and dietary choices

Seasonal daylight changes affect mice's internal clocks and energy metabolism.

Fiber from crustaceans, insects, and mushrooms aids digestion

A stomach immune circuit handles chitin-rich diets in mammals.

Linking lipid metabolism changes to the stress response

Lipid homeostasis and optimal ER stress response.

New research suggests a strategy to ward off age-related weight gain

The effects of a slowing metabolism could be reversed.

How much water do we need a day?

So the actually required water intake is about...

Study of circadian rhythm reveals gender differences

There are differences between men and women.

Low-cal sweeteners? Are they better or worst?

There is a consensus that overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages adds to the predominance of obesity and related comorbidities, for example, type 2 diabetes (T2D)....

The study examines the role of metabolism in immune cell behavior

Our body is a network of trillions of individual living cells. Thus, our overall state of bodily health is an ideal portrayal of how...

Study reveals how gut bacteria could affect medical treatments

Have you ever wondered why a drug that works for someone else doesn't seem to work for you? It is still a quite mystery...

Fasting ramp up human metabolism, study

In addition to losing weight, a new study has discovered another benefit of fasting- suggesting that may also boost human metabolic activity, generate antioxidants,...

Hot bath may improve inflammation, metabolism- study

If you are unable to exercise, a hot bath treatment may help improve inflammation and blood sugar (glucose) levels, suggests a new study. Scientists particularly studied...

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