Menstrual cycle

Problems with the menstrual cycle may raise a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease

Two reproductive health conditions common in women are each associated with increasing cardiovascular disease risk.

New model to help physicians tailor the protocols used for ovarian stimulation

Personalized prediction of the secondary oocyte number after ovarian stimulation.

Model suggests lowering hormone doses in contraceptives

Toward an optimal contraception dosing strategy.

Obesity is associated with heavier periods may cause impaired womb repair

Peer-reviewed, observational/experimental, human/mice.

Early menstruation increases the likelihood for menopause symptoms

Early menstruation increases the likelihood of hot flushes and nights sweats decades later at menopause.

Women’s preference for masculine faces not linked with hormones

According to a new study by the Association for Psychological Science suggest that women’s preferences for masculine characteristics in men’s faces are related to women’s hormonal...

Menstruation Cycle Doesn’t Change How Your Brain Works- Period

Most of the time, it is considered that anyone who's menstruating isn't working at the top mental pitch. But now, scientists have found evidence to suggest...

Study Suggests Menstrual Cycle Syncing by Women Does Not Really Happen

Do women’s menstrual cycles sync up over time if they are in close proximity to each other? Most of the women who live or...

Menstrual cycle affects memory

It's been suggested that women are good at giving directions than men. Sometimes women's memory works differently according to their phase of menstrual cycle....

Study Links Menstrual Cycle Characteristics to Fertility

Almost every woman experiences menstrual cramps every month. The menstrual cycle is characterized by processes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system. Previously, a study proves that...

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