What makes a memory?

It may be related to how hard your brain had to work.

Learning difficulty gene directly affects memory, study finds

Reduced function of the gene in the brain results in loss of learning ability and memory.

Understanding cell coordination can offer clues on cognition

To understand cognition — and its dysfunction — neuroscientists must learn its rhythms.

Link between eye movement and facial recognition in autism?

Autistic people keep visual processing strategy steady for face encoding and recognition.

Larger human brains offer a protective effect against dementia

Intracranial and cerebral volume trends in Framingham Heart Study.

Ketogenic diet shields early memory decline

Keto diet and BHB reverse memory loss in Alzheimer's mice.

Protein in human sweat may guard against Lyme disease

SCGB1D2 halts Borrelia burgdorferi growth and impacts Lyme disease risk.

Noninvasive chemobrain therapy

Gamma entrainment alleviates chemo-induced cognitive decline.

COVID-19 could cause long-term cognitive and memory impacts

Cognitive and memory outcomes post COVID-19 within a large community cohort.

Poor quality deep sleep due to junk food

Research shows junk food affects sleep patterns.

Improving sleep and life quality for memory-impaired without medication

Using scheduled activities to help people with memory problems sleep better.

Fast antidepressants and positive neuropsychological effects

Antidepressants swiftly alter emotional bias in rats, a new study shows.

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