Brain networks use electric fields to store memories

Electric fields coordinate brain networks to encode memories.

New bio-inspired neural network holds dramatically more memories

What makes a neural network remember?

Adult brain contains millions of ‘silent synapses,’ study

These immature connections may explain how the adult brain could form new memories and absorb new information.

How do our brains know when something’s different?

NIH study shows how our brains may set expectations by comparing past and present experiences.

How neurons form long-term memories?

Making memories.

Scientists monitored brains replaying memories in real-time

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health monitored the electrical activity of neurons. They found that brains store memories in neural firing patterns...

Neuro RX Gamma headset helps Alzheimer’s patients recover their memories

If successful, the technology would be the first to actually reverse the disease.

Current thinking can sway our memories of love

False memories in therapy have previously been identified as problematic, but memory-of-emotion distortions have been under-discussed in this context. Past research has suggested that...

Forgetting requires more brain power than remembering

Memories are not static. They are dynamic constructions of the brain that regularly get updated, modified and reorganized through experience. The brain is constantly...

Yale researchers track the birth of memories

Neuroscientists were keen to know how and when memory form. Now, Yale scientists came up with a possible explanation. By identifying brain activity in the hippocampus...

Touch can produce detailed, permanent memories

Humans can perceive the shape of objects by touch alone, by extracting geometric features such as edges. The sense of touch differs from the...

Scientists Assert They Will Soon be Able to Edit Human Memories

Scientists recently discovered that two different memory use completely different processes in the same nerves. And the most fascinating is that the finding could challenge...

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