A study pinpointed human neural compass

A pattern of brain activity that helps prevent us from getting lost has been identified in a new study.

You can’t make long-term memories without damaging your brain cells

Triggering inflammation to make memories.

Improved sleep boosts memory for complicated situations

Sleep helps in forming connections between memories for multipart events.

Early mouse study shows Amnesia caused by head injury can be reversed

Memory loss attributed to head injury was not a permanent pathological event.

Trauma memories spark unique brain activity, study finds

PTSD study reveals neural distinctions between traumatic and sad memories.

Revealing childhood memories through autism brain states

Immune activation shapes infant memory development.

Rats can imagine, study

The study is fascinating and sheds light on the similarities between rat and human brains.

UMass Amherst study reveals small RNA’s vital role in fighting cancer

Let-7 boosts tumor-fighting CD8 T cells in mice.

Brain networks use electric fields to store memories

Electric fields coordinate brain networks to encode memories.

New bio-inspired neural network holds dramatically more memories

What makes a neural network remember?

Adult brain contains millions of ‘silent synapses,’ study

These immature connections may explain how the adult brain could form new memories and absorb new information.

How do our brains know when something’s different?

NIH study shows how our brains may set expectations by comparing past and present experiences.

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