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Members of the Gryphon Trio perform while scientists measure their movements. Credit: LIVELab, McMaster University

How musicians communicate non-verbally during performance?

Successfully performing music with a group is a highly complex endeavor. To perform expressive music, musicians coordinate with each other. Now, a group of scientists at...
Your postal code may influence your health, study

Your postal code may influence your health, study

A new study by McMaster University suggests that your address in Canada could have a major role in diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and...
Researchers Hanie Yousefi and Thid Didar examine a transparent patch, which can be used in packaging to detect pathogens on food.

Scientists develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats

McMaster scientists have built up a test to convey conviction to the fragile however basic inquiry of whether meat and different sustenances are protected...