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Deep supercooling of pure water enabled by surface sealing with oils. a Cumulative freezing frequency (ff) for 1 ml water at −13 °C over 7-day deep supercooling (DSC), without sealing (W/O seal), with surface sealing by light mineral oil (MO), olive oil (OO), heavy paraffin oil (PO), and nutmeg oil (NO). Number of independent experiments n = 6, number of total tested samples for each case N = 56. NS: p > 0 .05; *0.005 

New method that keeps liquid from freezing at very low temperatures

Water and other aqueous solutions in the sorts of volumes we deal with every day normally freeze when cooled below the freezing point of...
Revising the Language of Addiction

Revising the Language of Addiction

Many of us are more familiar with the drug abuse, and its negative connotations as well. It’s so hard for people to give up...