Mars mission

High-frequency waves detected in the Martian upper atmosphere

It could help understand plasma processes over Mars.

Most of the Mars craters today could have once been habitable rivers

Curiosity rover finds new evidence of ancient Mars rivers: a key signal for life.

Portable, fully automated device could help detect signs of extraterrestrial life

It could someday detect organic biosignatures in extraterrestrial soil.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover will also test materials for new spacesuits on Mars

These materials are then used within the outer layers of the future Mars Spacesuit.

The UAE has successfully launched the first Arab space mission to Mars

Hope Probe will be the first Arab probe to provide a complete picture of Martian atmosphere and its layers.

ISRO’s MOM captured the image of the biggest moon of Mars

Mars Colour Camera (MCC) onboard Mars Orbiter Mission has imaged Phobos, the closest and biggest moon of Mars, on 1st July when MOM was about 7200 km from Mars and at 4200 km from Phobos.

A 13-year-old student names NASA’s newest Mars rover

It was until now known by the generic name of Mars 2020, but this Thursday, on March 5, NASA unveiled the name chosen for...

NASA’s Mars helicopter is getting close to final approval for launch

Science fiction is getting closer to reality folks! NASA is planning to send its Mars Helicopter, a part of Mars 2020 mission, to the...

Stephen Hawking: “I Am Convinced That Humans Need to Leave Earth For Prolong Humanity’s Existence”

In May, Stephen Hawking predicted that humanity has 100 years left on Earth. Now, he estimates that the only way to prolong humanity's existence...

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Only Has Around 100 Years Left On Earth

Since the century or so, humanity has cultivated a great deal of innovation from airplanes to the smart devices. But, at the same time,...

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