How does light interact with magnets?

For better sensors & memory tech.

Physicists detected excitons that are bound via magnetism

"Hubbard excitons" could eventually lead to novel technologies

Mystery solved: Why do certain metallic meteorites show traces of a magnetic field?

Collisions between asteroids might lead to the formation of metal asteroids.

Invar alloys stay the same size when heated

The Invar effect: A thermodynamic explanation.

Simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory

A new study shows that simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory.

Physicists generate new nanoscale spin waves

This new type of spin wave was previously just theoretically predicted.

New magnetic interactions might provide unique techniques to control electron transport

The research could pave the ways to manipulate electron flow with much less energy loss.

Magnetic spins that ‘freeze’ when heated

Nature is in the wrong direction.

Scientists uncovered a fundamental property of magnetism

It could lead to the development of a new generation of more powerful and less hot computers.

Scientists successfully observed an atomic magnetic field

Accelerating research and development on advanced materials.

Physicists detected hybrid particle in an unusual 2D magnetic material

The discovery could offer a route to smaller, faster electronic devices.

An exotic form of magnetism has been discovered

This ain’t your grandma’s fridge magnet.

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