Scientists designed and studied an unusual state of matter

A new candidate material for Quantum Spin Liquids.

A rare form of magnetism can arise in Graphene

Stacking and twisting Graphene unlocks a rare form of magnetism.

Scientists observed the nutation of the spins in magnetic materials

First observation of nutation in magnetic materials.

New magnetoelectric effect discovered

In a very unusual way, the electrical and magnetic properties of a particular crystal are linked together.

Engineers electrically transformed a non-magnetic material into magnetic

Scientists found a way to make "fool's gold" or pyrite magnetic.

Observing experimental signatures of Nagaoka ferromagnetism

Nagaoka's ferromagnetism is a well-known rigorous example of ferromagnetism in the Hubbard model. It deals with the limiting situation in which there is one...

How do the strongest magnets in the universe form?

How do some neutron stars become the strongest magnets in the Universe?

Turning a non-magnetic metal into a magnet using laser light

Physicists from NTU Singapore and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark have devised a method to turn a non-magnetic metal into a magnet using laser light.

Magnetic graphene switches between insulator and conductor

Magnetic graphene, or iron trithiohypophosphate (FePS3), is from a group of materials known as van der Waals materials and was first integrated during the...

New way to control magnetism in ultrathin magnetic devices

Physicists, scientific experts, and materials researchers have been examining the idea of layered magnetic materials for a very long while, hunting down pieces of...