magnetic fields

Eight percent of red giants exhibit starspots

Gigantic, red and full of spots.

Scientists discovered superconducting currents traveling along the outer edges of a superconductor

Scientists at Princeton University have detected superconducting currents along the exterior edge of a superconducting material. This discovery indicates a pathway for topological superconductivity...

Measuring strong magnetic fields using neutrons

In the future, it will be possible to measure the fields of magnets that are already installed in devices and thus are inaccessible by other probing techniques.

Astrophysical shock phenomena reproduced in the laboratory

The lab-scale experiment could help scientists understand interstellar and galactic-scale smashups.

Researchers Control Soft Robots Using Magnetic Fields

Conventional robotic grippers struggle to handle items that are delicate and of varying size, shape, and weight. So, scientists had built soft robotic grippers...