A new mRNA treatment could completely cure a peanut allergy

It could provide a platform to fight other allergies, and autoimmune disorders.

Gene therapy boosts cold shock protein to protect mice against neurodegenerative disease

Gene therapy increases levels of 'cold shock protein' to protect mice from prion disease.

Modifying mRNA may provide a new target for Alzheimer’s disease

Complex path promotes immune cell migration and clearance of toxic protein

New approach accurately identifies proteins and gene activity in different tissues

This technology is exciting because it allows us to map the spatial organization of tissues.

An experimental mRNA vaccine against all subtypes of influenza virus

Promising results in animal models help pave the way for clinical trials.

New imaging technique allows seeing gene expression in brains in real-time

It could help scientists learn more about memory formation and storage and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

How the mRNA gets its final shape?

mRNA provides a blueprint for proteins.

Scientists developed Promising and safe mRNA HIV vaccine

An experimental HIV vaccine based on mRNA shows promise in mice and non-human primates.

How the circadian clock regulates liver genes in time and space?

A first comprehensive study of how genes in the liver perform their metabolic functions in both space and time of day.

Coronavirus block the ability of cells to produce protective proteins

Virus that causes COVID-19 puts a plug in cellular defenses.

How mitochondria distribute their transcriptome throughout the cell?

Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome.

This molecule plays a vital role in aging processes

Researchers have found a sea of a new subtype of RNA molecules in the cell, and evidence suggesting they may play a role in aging processes.

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