Low-dose aspirin could prevent flu-related pregnancy complications

Aspirin in low doses prevents aortic endothelial issues and fetal loss in flu-infected pregnant mice.

Microrobots deliver cancer drugs to lung tumors in mice

Biohybrid microrobots target lung tumors with drug-filled nanoparticles.

Birds adapt flight mechanics using lungs

Respiratory system affects light in soaring birds.

Gut stem cells gain a new identity

Fate mapping finds the source of Lgr5+ cells in the intestine

Discovery of TB blood test for detection of many silent spreaders

Integrated plasma proteomics reveals biomarkers for tuberculosis diagnosis.

Transforming the immune system to combat tuberculosis

Mycobacterium exposure alters lung macrophages and TB response.

A fundamental mechanism that controls the body’s response to limited oxygen

A shared genetic trait that could predict a higher risk of small lung vessel disease.

MIT scientists created inhalable sensors to detect lung cancer earlier

The diagnostic could make lung cancer screening more accessible worldwide.

Licensed drugs could treat secondary brain cancer, new study suggests

A systematic review of genomic landscape and mutations in brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer.

Scratching neurons: A potential itch solution?

IL-31 limits allergic dermatitis immune response.

MRSA and superbugs face defeat with unique vaccine

Protein-free vaccine boosts innate immunity and guards against hospital infections.

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