LionGlass: A new glass for the future

Super strong, eco-friendly glass: 10x strength, half carbon emissions.

Theoretical evidence for a liquid-to-solid phase transition

Improved understanding of glassy dynamics could help scientists explain why a liquid behaves like a solid.

Liquid nanofoam: New hope for injury prevention

Liquid nanofoam cushions to protect athletes, drivers, and patients.

NASA instruments could reveal chemistry leading to life on Titan

This mission designed to help scientists hone in on the chemistry at work on Titan.

Quark-gluon plasma flows like water, study

The ratio between the viscosity of a fluid, the measure of how runny it is, and its density, decides how it flows.

Three liquid phases discovered in aerosol particles

It could better explain how air pollutants interact with the atmosphere.

Water has multiple liquid states, study

A finding that can explain many of water's anomalous properties.

How liquids take up heat?

A link between the microscopic movements of particles in a liquid and its ability to absorb heat.

How runny a liquid can be?

Viscosity (η) is the resistance of a liquid to flow. Liquids get thicker when cooled and runnier when heated, but how runny can a...

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