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A section of liver with fatty liver disease (iStock photos)

Scientists identifies lipids as signatures of health and disease

Biology is swaddled in lipids: fats, oils, and even waxes encompass cells and their organelles, intercede the stream of immense biological data systems, ensure...
Activity in lipid membranes

Using water molecules to read electrical activity in lipid membranes

EPFL scientists for the first time, are able to detect the behavior of adjacent water molecules. This enables them to map out in real...
The anatomy of the eye and schematic diagram of tear film composed of 3 layers (glycocalyx layer, aqueous layer, and lipid layer). Most of the proteins (mainly mucin) in the glycocalyx layer are secreted from goblet cells. The components of the aqueous layer are secreted from lacrimal glands. Meibum lipids are secreted from meibomian glands and form the TFLL.

Long-chain lipids could help prevent dry eye disease, suggest study

Long-chain lipids in the most superficial layer of the tear film cause serious dry eye malady when they were abbreviated in mice — an...
Blood test measures plasma ceramides to predict risk for heart disease

Blood test measures plasma ceramides to predict risk for heart disease

Blood tests are often used test problems in the body. There are various types of a blood test for various diseases. Similarly, a new...