Saturday, May 21, 2022


Scientists developed ultra-high-speed, high-efficiency optoelectronic logic gates

It enables all 5 basic logic operations with one optical-logic gate.

A tunable graphene-based platform to study rare physics

Finely controlled approach enables ‘exceptional’ devices; has implications for future optoelectronics.

Engineering of quantum states in solids using light

A platform to control and measure the properties of materials in various ways with light.

Effective method for simulating light-matter interactions at the atomic scale

Light-matter interaction is an essential topic relevant to the disciplines of physical and chemical sciences and optical and electrical engineering. The invention of the...

Micro-device to transform invisible light into visible light

The breakthrough will lead to a new class of compact sensors for thermal imaging and chemical or biological analysis.

Converting invisible infrared into visible light

Colour-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light.

New SPLIT technology for dynamic optical nanothermometry

It could help in monitoring the light dose during certain types of treatment.

Scientists successfully generated coherent visible light

The approach directly projects few-hundred-femtosecond-long infrared pulses into the single-cycle regime.

Generating light through use of pre-existing defects in semiconductor materials

The new method provides an alternative approach to develop InGaN red light emitters, which traditionally suffer from poor efficiency

A new way to combine two different states of matter

Photon-phonon breakthrough.

Liquid light shows social behavior, study

The photons try to stay together as a group by choosing the path that leads to the lowest losses.

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