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A sample of the mineral lepidolite, a key source of lithium, mined in Finland. Credit: iStock/ekakoskinen

Lithium doesn’t crack under pressure, it transforms

Lithium is the lightest solid metal, it’s soft, silvery-white, with a low melting point and reactive. Many of its physical and chemical properties are...
This visualization of a general-relativistic collisionless plasma simulation shows the density of positrons near the event horizon of a rotating black hole. Plasma instabilities produce island-like structures in the region of intense electric current. (Credit: Kyle Parfrey et al./Berkeley Lab)

Simulations provide new clues to what’s driving powerful plasma jets

How black holes clean energy secured in their rotation, jetting near-light-speed plasmas into space to opposite sides in one of the most powerful displays...
Researchers at Berkeley Lab and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis have demonstrated that recycling carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals such as ethylene and propanol, and fuels such as ethanol, can be economical and efficient – all through product-specific “active sites” on a single copper catalyst. (Credit: Ager and Lum/Berkeley Lab)

Carbon fuels go green for renewable energy

For quite a long time, researchers have hunt down compelling approaches to remove overabundance carbon dioxide emissions from the air and reuse them into...
Scientists capture photosynthesis in unprecedented detail

Scientists capture photosynthesis in unprecedented detail

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have successfully captured a picture of steps in the reaction mechanisms in photosynthesis. To capture the image, scientists used SLAC’s...