Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Clearest picture yet of electronic particles that make up quantum spin liquid

The study could prompt the development of superfast quantum computers and energy-efficient superconductors.

Scientists mapped the location of missing baryons

Missing baryons found in far-out reaches of galactic halos.

Axions might be the source of X-ray emissions surrounding neutron stars, study

X-Rays Surrounding ‘Magnificent 7’ May Be Traces of Sought-After Particle.

Scientists revealed an unexpected transformation in a single atomic layer

A 1-atom-deep look at a water-splitting catalyst.

Scientists determined the atomic structure of a coronavirus protein

The odd structure of ORF8.

A new nanomaterial helps obtain hydrogen from a liquid energy carrier

A new nanomaterial helps obtain hydrogen from a liquid energy carrier, in a key step toward a stable and clean fuel source.

Introducing a new man-made isotope-Mendelevium-244

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have recently created isotope called Mendelevium-244. This is a new form of human-made element mendelevium. Initially...

Lithium doesn’t crack under pressure, it transforms

Lithium is the lightest solid metal, it’s soft, silvery-white, with a low melting point and reactive. Many of its physical and chemical properties are...

Simulations provide new clues to what’s driving powerful plasma jets

How black holes clean energy secured in their rotation, jetting near-light-speed plasmas into space to opposite sides in one of the most powerful displays...

Carbon fuels go green for renewable energy

For quite a long time, researchers have hunt down compelling approaches to remove overabundance carbon dioxide emissions from the air and reuse them into...

Scientists capture photosynthesis in unprecedented detail

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have successfully captured a picture of steps in the reaction mechanisms in photosynthesis. To capture the image, scientists used SLAC’s...

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