Heart disease risk prediction: A decade earlier

AHA's scientific statement on novel equations for cardiovascular risk.

Novel antifungal molecule safely kills fungi

Optimizing sterol extraction for kidney-friendly polyene antifungal.

The role of predictive AI in shaping healthcare outcomes

Examining the consequences of AI predictive models in healthcare.

Analyzing donor-recipient mismatches in kidney transplants

Kidney transplant survival and the genetic landscape of donor-recipient variations.

High blood pressure & anemia drive racial birth complication gap

Stanford Medicine reveals role of hypertension and anemia in non-white birth complication rates.

Device for early detection of organ rejection

Bio-electronic implants detecting kidney transplant rejection early.

Blood test predicts heart and kidney risk in type 2 Diabetes

Exploring cardiorenal biomarkers and canagliflozin in the CREDENCE trial.

Acid reflux drugs linked to Dementia

Long-term PPI use linked to increased Dementia risk.

Early-life lead exposure leads to a higher risk of criminal activity in adulthood

Still, multi-study review highlights need for more individual-level data to strengthen understanding.

Microwaving baby food releases plastic particles

Microplastics: The new foodborne hazard.

Aspirin linked to increased anemia risk in healthy older adults

Low-dose aspirin linked to increased anemia risk in seniors.

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