Unveiling the truth: Why people sell their kidneys

Poverty is the main reason people sell a kidney but there are other factors, and regional variation

Study reveals novel intervention for diabetic kidney risk

Adiponectin improves diabetic kidney function in mice.

New study links microbiome to kidney stones

Kidney stone formation marked by multi-site microbiota changes.

Heart disease risk prediction: A decade earlier

AHA's scientific statement on novel equations for cardiovascular risk.

Novel antifungal molecule safely kills fungi

Optimizing sterol extraction for kidney-friendly polyene antifungal.

The role of predictive AI in shaping healthcare outcomes

Examining the consequences of AI predictive models in healthcare.

Analyzing donor-recipient mismatches in kidney transplants

Kidney transplant survival and the genetic landscape of donor-recipient variations.

High blood pressure & anemia drive racial birth complication gap

Stanford Medicine reveals role of hypertension and anemia in non-white birth complication rates.

Device for early detection of organ rejection

Bio-electronic implants detecting kidney transplant rejection early.

Blood test predicts heart and kidney risk in type 2 Diabetes

Exploring cardiorenal biomarkers and canagliflozin in the CREDENCE trial.

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