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cancer cell made in 3d software

New computational strategy designed for more personalized cancer treatment

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University have developed a new computational strategy that changes exceedingly complex data into a rearranged arrange that accentuates persistent to-understanding...
Scientists are developing tech tool to help assess brain injury

Scientist developing a tech tool to help assess brain injury

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University focusing on developing a tech tool to help better diagnose concussions and predict where related brain damage has likely...
How big can a planet be?

How big can a planet be?

Pluto hoards the spotlight in the preceding with logical open deliberation over what is and what isn't a planet, however, a less obvious contention...

3D mini-brains

US Researchers have cultivated small 3D mini-brains that imitate structures of human brains and could be used to study of diseases like Alzheimer's, autism,...