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Dark matter may be older than the big bang, study

Dark matter may have existed before the big bang, study

Testing the origin of dark matter by observing the signatures dark matter leaves on the distribution of matter in the universe.
Rewards may actually mask true knowledge

Rewards may actually mask true knowledge

Performance on cognitive tasks during learning is used to measure knowledge, yet it remains controversial since such testing is susceptible to contextual factors. To...
This is a ground-based telescope’s view of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. The inset image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, reveals one of many star clusters scattered throughout the dwarf galaxy. Credit: NASA, ESA, Adam Riess, and Palomar Digitized Sky Survey

Hubble measurements confirmed: Universe is outpacing all expectations of its expansion rate

The universe is expanding about 9% faster than expected based on its trajectory seen shortly after the big bang. This new revelation is made...
Students in the arts-integrated life science class drew animal and plant cells to understand the structures within. CREDIT Mariale Hardiman/Johns Hopkins University

How the arts can help students who struggle most?

Strong correlational evidence suggests that involvement in the arts improves students’ academic outcomes and memory of learning events. Although it remains still unclear whether...
Planets with oxygen don’t necessarily have life, study

Planets with oxygen don’t necessarily have life, study

While searching life in other solar systems far and beyond, scientists often consider that oxygen presence in planet atmosphere indicates the sign of life....
The new discovery is only 14% the size of the Sun and is the new record holder for the star with the smallest complement of heavy elements. It has about the same heavy element complement as Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system./By Kevin Schlaufman/JHU.

Johns Hopkins scientists may have found one of the universe’s oldest stars

Astronomers at the Johns Hopkins University have discovered what could be one of the universe's oldest stars, a body on the whole made of...

Scientists have grown a human retina from scratch in the lab

In order to ascertain how cells that enable people to see in color are made, scientists at the Johns Hopkins University have fabricated human retinas from scratch...
cancer cell made in 3d software

New computational strategy designed for more personalized cancer treatment

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University have developed a new computational strategy that changes exceedingly complex data into a rearranged arrange that accentuates persistent to-understanding...
Scientists are developing tech tool to help assess brain injury

Scientist developing a tech tool to help assess brain injury

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University focusing on developing a tech tool to help better diagnose concussions and predict where related brain damage has likely...