James Webb Space Telescope

Exploring the mysterious case of the Inflated Exoplanet

Webb cracks case of inflated exoplanet

Most distant black hole merger to date observed

The first time that this phenomenon has been detected so early in the Universe.

Webb Space Telescope detects atmosphere on Exoplanet 55 Cancri e

Researchers using the James Webb Space Telescope find evidence of atmospheric gases surrounding a rocky exoplanet.

Webb captures the sharpest infrared images of the top of iconic horsehead nebula

The sharpest infrared images to date of Horsehead Nebula.

Webb captures stunning infrared images of the Horsehead Nebula

The sharpest infrared images to date of one of the most distinctive objects in our skies.

NASA’s James Webb Telescope Probes Starburst Galaxy Messier 82

Amid a galaxy teeming with new and young stars lies an intricate substructure.

Webb captures the end of planet formation

How much time do planets have to form from a swirling disk of gas and dust around a star?

Scientists unprecedentedly detailed observations of one of the earliest known galaxies

Growth in the early Universe was much faster than first thought.

NASA’s Webb peers into the Tendrils of NGC 604

Webb unveils the intricacies of the formation of stars and the chaotic environments.

Webb and Hubble telescopes affirm the Universe’s expansion rate

Webb measurements shed new light on a decade-long mystery.

Webb detected little giants in the deep past

Baby quasars: Growing supermassive black holes.

JWST identified neon signs that offer clues to planet formation

Using the noble gases neon and argon.

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