James Webb Space Telescope

Webb’s findings explain the dark galactic region

UF astronomers illuminate dark region of Milky Way.

Ghostlike dusty galaxy reappears in Webb’s image

This thing is a real monster.

Webb’s study shows rocky planets form in harsh conditions

These are the first results from the eXtreme UV Environments (XUE) James Webb Space Telescope programme.

Webb identified methane and water vapor in exoplanets’ atmosphere

Scientists can now start to perform an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Webb reveals new features in the heart of the Milky Way

The play of darkness and light in our galaxy’s crowded core is put on display like never before.

Webb discovered disappearing neon around newborn star

Webb follows neon signs toward new thinking on planet formation.

Webb made a breakthrough discovery in revealing how planets form

NASA’s Webb findings support long-proposed process of planet formation.

Water vapor, sulfur dioxide, and sand clouds detected in the exoplanet’s atmosphere

These particles reside within a dynamic atmosphere that exhibits vigorous transport of material.

Webb discovered the second-most distant galaxy

Follow-up observations in Pandora’s cluster confirmed the second- and fourth-most distant galaxies ever seen.

Webb and Hubble united to create the most colorful view of the universe

The result: a vivid landscape of galaxies along with more than a dozen newly found time-varying objects.

A galaxy like the Milky Way found in the early universe

The discovery is expected to change at least two aspects of astronomy.

New feature discovered in Jupiter’s atmosphere

Narrow jet stream near equator has winds traveling 320 miles per hour.

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