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How do molecules rotate in solvents?

How do molecules rotate in solvents?

Feynman diagrams are a powerful tool in condensed matter physics. By turning highly complex equations into sets of simple diagrams, the method has established...
The scientists tagged thousands of ants in total to quantify all interactions between individuals and understand how colonies can protect themselves from disease. Photo courtesy of Timothée Brütsch

For ants, unity is strength and health

It is assumed that social life can lead to the rapid spread of infectious diseases and outbreaks. In ants, disease outbreaks are rare and...
Scientists identified genes responsible for difference in flower color of snapdragons

Scientists identified genes responsible for difference in flower color of snapdragons

Snapdragon flowers grown in tall spikes with double-sided, round petals. One of the more interesting snapdragon flower facts that a lot of people don’t...
Fabrication of an object using metamolds. The metamolds (red pieces far left and right) are used to fabricate the silicone molds (greenish and white shapes in the middle). The silicone can then be used repeatedly to form replicas (front)

Metamolds: Molding a mold

Scientists at the Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione (ISTI-CNR) and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) have now developed a new...
Light hits the 3D-printed nanostructures from below. After it is transmitted through, the viewer sees only green light—the remaining colors are redirected

Color effects from transparent 3D-printed nanostructures

The greater part of the articles we see are shaded by colors, yet utilizing shades has drawbacks: such colors can fade, modern colors are...
The new software instantly shows stream lines as well as pressure on the surface (color-coded) of interactively deformable shapes.

New interactive machine learning tool makes car designs more aerodynamic

When engineers or designers want to test the aerodynamic properties of the newly designed shape of a car, airplane, or other objects, they would...
The stigma of Petunia contains a toxin that stops pollen growth. Pollen in turn has a team of genes that produce antidotes to all toxins except for the toxin produced by the "self" stigma. © Lewis Collard

Recognizing others but not yourself: new insights into the evolution of plant mating

Self-fertilization is an issue, as it prompts inbreeding. Recognition systems that anticipate self-treatment have advanced to guarantee that a plant mates just with a...
The Hilbert space graph of the Fibonacci chain with L = 6 sites.

Scientists discovered the explanation for puzzling quantum oscillations

Harvard scientists along with MIT scientists recently trapped quantum simulator, a record 53 atoms and individually controlling their quantum state. This demonstration suggests whole new periodic...
Cells change tension to make tissue barriers easier to get through

Cells change tension to make tissue barriers easier to get through

Like modest building blocks, billions of cells form our bodies. In any case, not at all like building obstructs, a few cells can move...