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Javier Vela and the chemists in his research group have been working to produce semiconductors from materials that are safe, abundant and inexpensive to manufacture. Larger photo. Photo by Christopher Gannon and courtesy of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Chemists use abundant, low-cost and non-toxic elements to create semiconductors

Semiconductors are everywhere. They’re on our computers and our cell phones. They’re usually in high-end, high-value products. While semiconductors may not contain rare materials,...
Sugam Sharma (right) leads a discussion about a software prototype to connect food donors with food pantries in Iowa. With him to his right are team members Johnny Wong, Ritu Shandilya and U. Sunday Tim. (Larger image) Photos by Christopher Gannon

‘eFeed-Hungers’ software aims to reduce food waste

A group of researchers designed the software so that donors can take the food to a public place, such as a food pantry or...
Iowa State engineers -- left to right, Boyce Chang, Martin Thuo, Michael Bartlett and Ravi Tutika -- helped develop and describe a new smart material. Here they examine an instrument used for mechanical testing of material properties. Larger photo

New composite material that changes stiffness when twisted or bent

The Iowa State engineers invented a novel responsive and smart material that can stiffen up like a worked-out muscle. This material has to arrest...