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Unveiling how our immune system works

Unveiling how our immune system works

The immune system is vital to human health and wellbeing, with different types of cells continuously roaming our bodies, primed to fight infection. However,...
Discovery of immune cells able to defend against mutating viruses could transform vaccine development

New discovery of immune cells could prevent against mutating viruses

Influenza, Dengue fever, and AIDS are caused by viruses which constantly mutate. And when these viruses mutate, vaccines become ineffective. Current vaccines can provide good...
T-cells: a new method developed by Basel researchers simplifies the genetic modification of T-cells in mice. They are now aiming to transfer the technique to human T-cells.

Effective genetic modification of immune cells

Another technique empowers qualities in living T-cells in mice to be adjusted rapidly and effectively. It makes use of plasmids, an attempted and tried...