Astronomers may have uncovered how galaxies change their shape

The study may have answered a decades-old question about galaxy evolution.

Astronomers detect a powerful radio-wave laser

The first hydroxyl megamaser of its kind.

Most comprehensive image of radio emission from the nearest black hole

The eruption now extends eight degrees across the sky.

New technique to detect active black holes in the Universe

Astronomers just got better at finding bright black holes.

Study solved the galaxy murder mystery

What's killing galaxies?

Classifying tens of thousands of galaxies in just a few seconds

A task that usually takes months to accomplish.

Astronomers observed a space jellyfish

This radio jellyfish holds a world record of sorts.

Scientists detected the largest supernova remnant ever

Scientists find the largest supernova remnant by looking in right place.

Scientists have uncovered a gigantic cosmic particle accelerator

The study offers evidence that neutrinos can be powerful natural particle accelerators.

Large galaxies strip star-forming gases from their small satellite galaxies

These are the deepest observations and the largest sample of atomic and molecular gas in the local Universe.

First black hole ever detected is more massive than we thought

The study questions astronomers what they know about the Universe’s most mysterious objects.

A new way to study star formation in galaxies

Astronomers turn up the heavy metal to shed light on star formation.

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