Ice Age

Sustained human activity contributed to woolly rhinoceros’ extinction

Shedding light on an aeons-old mystery.

What caused an extreme ice-age climate in Earth’s history?

What made Earth a giant snowball 700m years ago?

What caused the Little Ice Age?

Uncovering the surprising cause of little Ice Age.

Scientists now know that how cold was the ice age

Scientists' ice age "hindcast" may shed light on future climate.

20000 years old seawater that remains untouched since last ice age

About two thousand decades ago, Earth was extremely different. The water was covered in glaciers hundreds of feet thick, which stretched down over Chicago...

The bottom of Pacific Ocean getting colder, possibly due to Little Ice Age

As a significant part of the ocean responds to the rising temperatures of the today's world, the deep, dark waters at the base of...

True polar wander may be the reason of ice age

Earth's most recent ice age may have been caused by changes somewhere inside the planet. In light of proof from the Pacific Ocean, including...

Exposing the mystery of ice ages using ancient molecules

Our planet’s ice ages used to occur at intervals of every 40,000 years. This made the scientists keen as the Earth’s seasons vary in...

Since the last ice age, the Southern Hemisphere has reduced the climate variability, study found

The new University of Bristol proposes that generous lessening of the Laurentide Ice Sheet that secured a lot of present-day North America around 16,000...

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