Adding 3,000 daily steps reduces blood pressure in older people

Three thousand daily steps cut blood pressure in sedentary seniors with hypertension: e-health study.

The impact of cold weather on high blood pressure treatment

Navigating high blood pressure in chilly climates.

Self-testing helps underprivileged individuals better regulate their hypertension

Home blood pressure monitoring saves lives, lowers costs, and resolves disparities in healthcare.

Incurable vascular diseases: New hope for treatment

Acetate regulates the endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

Juice concentrate from japanese fruit benefits cardiovascular health

Processed juice concentrate has anti-hypertensive effects in mice.

How treatment affect to patients having chronic diseases?

Researchers found no evidence that treatment efficacies depend on number of comorbidities.

Estrogen ingested in pill form may increase the risk of high blood pressure

The type of estrogen-based menopausal hormone therapy had varying impacts on developing high blood pressure.

The impact of time of day and gender on blood pressure medication efficacy

A mathematical model to understand diuretic effectiveness.

A link between high blood pressure in 30s and poorer cognitive function in 70s

Hypertension in young and middle-aged adults may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Scientists identified a potential target for high blood pressure control

A therapeutic target for high blood pressure control.

Uncontrolled blood pressure contributes to a lot of heart-related emergencies

A new study highlights the top reasons for emergency room visits and suggests poorly controlled hypertension.

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