Thursday, February 2, 2023


How hydrogen behaves on Saturn and Jupiter?

Artificial intelligence explains hydrogen's behavior on giant planets.

High-power direct borohydride fuel cells with twice the operating voltage as hydrogen

Engineers at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis have developed high-power direct borohydride fuel cells (DBFC) that operate at...

A way towards greener fast-charging batteries

Using sodium instead of Lithium, scientists at the Imperial College London have created a fast-charging battery prototype. Their new approach could ave a way...

Direct observation of single protons moving at water-solid interfaces

The H+ proton comprises of a single ion of hydrogen, the smallest and lightest of all the chemical elements. These protons commonly occur in...

Aliens might inhabit planets with hydrogen-rich atmospheres

Explorations for search for life on exoplanets via atmospheric ‘biosignature gases’ is accelerating. These explorations are motivated by the capabilities of the next generation...

Decomposing water into oxygen and hydrogen using waste-yeast biomass

Scientists at UNIST have developed a new low-cost catalyst synthesis method that can efficiently decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen using waste-yeast biomass. This...

Converting water into solar fuel

By transforming optical fibers into photocatalytic microreactors, scientists at the University of Southampton were able to convert water into hydrogen fuel using solar energy. The...

Producing hydrogen with enhanced Faradaic Efficiency

Developing efficient and stable electrocatalysts is crucial for the electrochemical production of pure and clean hydrogen. For practical applications, an economical and facile method...

The hottest exoplanet KELT-9b

Even molecules are torn to shreds.

A two-stone technology that improves the efficiency of hydrogen production

A new biofuel system that uses lignin for Hydrogen Production.

Planets as fluffy as cotton candy

Behold the super-puffs.

Studying the distribution of hydrogen in metals

Surface effects affect the distribution of hydrogen in metals.

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