The connection between seasons and dietary choices

Seasonal daylight changes affect mice's internal clocks and energy metabolism.

Brain changes from shift work and jet lag increase appetite

Altered feeding behavior due to circadian phase shifting of hormones.

An ingestible “electroceutical” capsule increases hunger-regulating hormone levels

Boosting hormone production in stomach can help reduce nausea & appetite loss.

Why we need female mice in neuroscience research?

Female mice exhibit more stable exploratory behavior than male mice.

Skipping breakfast linked to lower GCSE grades

Students who rarely ate breakfast on school days achieved lower GCSE grades than those who ate breakfast frequently.

‘eFeed-Hungers’ software aims to reduce food waste

A group of researchers designed the software so that donors can take the food to a public place, such as a food pantry or...

Study Suggests Action Movies Makes Us Eat More Snacks

Action movies generally are great box-office hits. They come in various forms like sci-fi or space, thrillers, crime drama, war, horror, westerns, etc. Action movies...

Exercise Can Increase Levels Of Hunger-Promoting Endocannabinoids

Scientists from Uppsala University have discovered affection of hunger-promoting endocannabinoid levels. It targets the same receptors as cannabis which are affected by short sleep duration. According to...

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